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Choose your language When the task is hard, the choice is easy. Branach.

What makes Branach the World's Best Safety Ladder?
•  Unique box-section is lighter and
more durable than C-section ladders
•  Easier to transport and easier to handle
•  Safer through reduced twist and sway
•  Easier on shoulders and hands
•  More stable in high wind
•  Three year Warranty


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International Distributor of the year 2013-2014

International Distributor of the year 2013-2014

2 September 2014

Safety Solutions Malaysia
accept award for .. ////

Do you trust your equipment ?

MFB attended a house fire in Balwyn

3 April 2014

Would you put your life in
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23 July 2014

Premiers Design Awards and Vic Workcover Authority are..